10mm Training Lead

10mm Training Lead

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Length: 173cm

10mm rope ideal for medium to large dogs.

Bold coloured limited edition polypropylene rope dog training lead with multiple uses.

Multipurpose lead:
• Length adjustable by clipping to O rings.
• 2 trigger clips so can be used for 2 dogs.
• Clip it round your waist for a hands free lead.
• Ideal for attaching to halti and collar.
• Can also be used as a slip lead.

Made using strong and durable materials, using knotting and whipping techniques.

Trigger clip both ends, 1 O ring at one end by clip for a short lead option.

The 3 O rings on the main length of the lead can be adjusted to different locations on the lead by the user so you can choose your own preferred lengths. Simply tie in place by a normal knot.