8mm Khaki Customised Clip Lead
8mm Khaki Customised Clip Lead

8mm Khaki Customised Clip Lead

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Whether you personalise your clip lead to match your dogs personality or just select your favourite colours, these leads are a perfect way you add a personal touch to yours and your dogs wardrobe. Made using strong and durable materials, knotting and whipping techniques, these leads are both practical and fashionable.

Available in 8mm or 10mm diameter rope.

• 8mm suitable to small & medium size dogs.

• 10mm suitable for large dogs - see 10mm listing

Rose gold, silver and black hardwear available. (XL clips available in rose gold and black suitable for very large breeds/very strong dogs - email before ordering)

Whipping cord is 2mm excluding number 8 which is 3mm.

Trigger clip and O ring on handle - ideal for clipping the lead around yourself so you don't lose it while out walking, or for attaching a poo bag dispenser to.