Poop Bag Holder: Blooming ‘eck
Poop Bag Holder: Blooming ‘eck

Poop Bag Holder: Blooming ‘eck

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Our new range of handmade fabric doggy bag dispensers are here! 

As dog owners it’s inevitable that you’ll end up pulling out handfuls of poo bags out from your pockets like a magician, when actually all you want it your house keys or change to pay for shopping! Our new fabric bag holders are here to solve that problem. They accommodate a roll of bags perfectly and have a handy split ring attachment meaning you can clip them on to your dog leads or lanyard. 

With a two tone fabric design they are super eye catching and adorable.


P.s. All our dog lead comes with a handy O ring on the handle which is ideal for attaching your poop bag holder to!

* slight variations may occur due to being handmade. Bags not included. *